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APR 21 2015

Finally, Pope Francis did something about one of the world’s most notorious and noxious examples of clergy pedophilia cover up: he accepted the resignation of criminally convicted Kansas City-St. Joseph Bishop Robert W. Finn today. It’s a step in the right direction. But we will watch to see if it leads to more Vatican action to hold complicit bishops accountable. Because much more needs to be done.In September 2012, Finn was convicted of failing to report suspected child abuse, a misdemeanor, after he learned of child pornography found on the computer of a priest, Shawn Ratigan. ...

MAR 26 2015

Last week, Bishop John LeVoir and the Diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota released an online video discussing, and apologizing to Survivors for, the terrible harm caused by clergy sexual abuse. LeVoir said in the video that he has learned from listening to Survivors that sexual abuse by clergy results in a “hurt so great that it never goes away.” Unfortunately, LeVoir follows up what appears to be a sincere, heartfelt apology to Survivors with an invitation to them to return to the church.

JAN 7 2015

The Capuchin Franciscan Province of St. Joseph has announced that Father Robert Harrison OFM cap has admitted to sexually abusing minors under his care.  The fact that a Roman Catholic priest has sexually violated a child while standing in loco parentis is not new.What is new is that Father Robert Harrison OFM cap went undetected for half a century.  Ordained in 1964, Father Harrison was well trained by the Hierarchy.  Father Robert studied philosophy, theology, social work and law.  Harrison was given the tools to detect weaknesses, select a vulnerable child and conceal...

OCT 16 2014

While details regarding allegations of child sexual abuse by actor Stephen Collins are still emerging, his portrayal of a sexually abusive priest in the short film “Penance” eerily foreshadows the allegations he now faces off screen and also touches on a misconception still held by some.  According to a report in the Los Angeles Times the film was made in 2013 before the secret audio recording obtained by his wife was released to the public.  The secret audio recording allegedly includes admissions by Collins of sexual impropriety with minors.  Some have alleged that Collins use...

OCT 10 2014

News of a string of child sexual abuse charges at Minnesota schools provides a shocking reminder of the importance of child protection measures in our schools. It also serves as a reminder to schools – especially now that kids are back in the classroom – that vigilance and existing child protection measures can always be improved.

OCT 9 2014

Recently it has been reported by that Mr. Collins’ wife, actress Faye Grant who is currently involved with contentious divorce proceedings secretly recorded a joint therapy session during which two discussed Mr. Collins’ alleged sexual abuse of minors.  Often the convoluted and inconsistent laws and rules of evidence regarding child sexual abuse are exploited by offenders who can abuse in one jurisdiction then flee to another jurisdiction to avoid detection and accountability..