New York Archbishop Dolan tells 60 Minutes that Catholic Church clergy abuse was “hideous” and “nauseating”; and, cover-up was “terrible thing”

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Calling the Catholic Church sex abuse scandal "hideous" and "nauseating," New York's Archbishop Timothy M. Dolan says the scandal "needs to haunt" the church for some time to come.

In the wide-ranging interview, Dolan also discusses his past role as the archbishop of Milwaukee, his current mission and the state of the church in America with "60 Minutes" correspondent Morley Safer. The profile of the leader of New York City's two-million-plus Roman Catholics will be broadcast Sunday, March 20 at 7 p.m. ET/PT.

Asked if he feared the impact of the scandal would go on forever, Dolan replies, "In some ways, I don't want it to be over, because...this was such a crisis in the Catholic Church that in a way, we don't want to get over it too easily," he tells Safer. "This needs to haunt us."

Dolan defended the church's recent response to the sex abuse crisis, but the deeds themselves and the decades-long cover-up are hard for him to bear or understand. "When you think of what happened, both...that a man who proposes to act in the name of God would've abused an innocent young person," says Dolan. "And that some bishops would have, in a way, countenanced that by reassigning abusers, that's nothing less than hideous. That's nothing less than nauseating," he says.

Then Safer points out that many believe the cover-up was worse than the abuse. "I'd say there's some truth in that, you'd think that the church of all would know better," answers Dolan.

The archbishop was tasked with airing out the child sex abuse scandal in Milwaukee, where he replaced an archbishop who stepped down over his own sex scandal. Dolan published the names of 43 abusive priests. He recalls the times he spent with victims and their families.

"Those were some of the more difficult, wrenching, touching moments in my life," he tells Safer. "Some of them were terribly painful and did not go well. Others I remember with gratitude. Praying together, crying together," he says, "Those were very powerful moments that you don't forget."

To hear Safer's impressions of the archbishop and more about the interview, go to on Sunday.

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Truth | 3/29/2011 | 12:58 PM

Ted schmidt | 3/22/2011 | 2:43 PM

Archbishop Tim Dolan probably delighted Catholic bloggers with his jovial bantering with Morley safer on Sunday’s 60 minutes. He readily admitted the depth of the sex abuse scandal but shied away from the pathetic enabling of his brother bishops and he prided himself on “the contant teaching of the Church”---no break with celibacy, women priests etc.It was sad. As if Catholic teaching never changes and as if he were “the teacher” from the bully pulpit of New York. Dolan like many other prelates in big sees is following Vatican orders that he is “the teacher”---but this is impossible unless he consults the huge number of baptized Catholics through whom the spirit blows---and most would not agree with the affable Dolan. And he has no interest in listening to the “sensus fidelium”. This is not a leader at all.He is a sad apparatchik who takes orders from far away as millions leave the Catholic church because of the hunris of their so called leaders. Even Pope JP ll had it right in 2

TherapistUnimpressed | 3/21/2011 | 9:32 PM

The segment this past Sunday, March 20, 2011, on New York's Archbishop Tim Dolan showed him jovially minimizing child sexual abuse by priests in saying that married men commit more sexual abuse crimes on children. Who's comparing? The disproportionate numbers of priests and married men make his statement rather dangerous. It is one thing to affirm the mysteries of faith and ritual. But yet another to say that married men hurt more children than priests do! I am a clinical psychologist who worked on the impatient unit of St. Louis University's psychology/behavioral medicine treatment floor in 1992-93 that "treated" sexually abusive priests that preyed on children (pun intended). Very little was done to address their criminally abusive behavior, and no legal charges were made. The "client" was the Church which paid $600 a day for sexual predatory priest to contemplate their vocation, and it WAS like a peaceful vacation, before they were transferred to another diocese. Ther

MTS | 3/20/2011 | 7:36 PM

There's no question but that Dolan is a garrulous, effusive, zaftig representative of his philosophy, it's just that his philosophy is nothing short of a misogynistic, iron-age repository of bigotry and nonsense. It was just tragically amusing to me that a reporter of Morley Safer's caliber would wander through the gigantic stockpiles of money and privilege of St. Peter's and the palaces of the Catholic Church that Dolan resides in, and not make a comment that Catholicism, at least theoretically, can ONLY reside within the humble and meager dogmatically, but instead insists upon being an institution dependent upon wealth and the filth of politics. To hear Dolan all but burst into song when praising his institution's exclusion of women from the priesthood -- and the unavoidable hatred of women that is its underpinning -- should be an embarrassment to any modern thought process of any kind. Dolan can happily and nonsensically make his accommodations with modernity, but in the end, his re

unabletotrust | 3/19/2011 | 3:20 PM

If 'dolan' truly wants this abuse and cover up to 'haunt' the rcc then why does he oppose legislation that would provide a Window for Victims to come forward, 'dolan' is full of 'GASEOUS RHETORIC'. This is nothing more than a 'public relations' stunt trying to reassure everyone that it is 'safe to go back into the water", what a bunch of BS!!!!

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