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Anderson Advocates
Jeff Anderson & Associates Newsletter - February 2011
Milwaukee Archdiocese Bankruptcy Opens
Window of Opportunity
Abused In Wisconsin Anderson Advocates Seek Justice for Wisconsin Survivors
The Archdiocese of Milwaukee filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in what they call the best way to ensure appropriate compensation for victims of childhood sexual abuse in the Diocese. However, Jeff Anderson, who represents most of the survivors, interpreted the action as an obstruction that will not only further delay justice, but halt the requests for depositions of Archdiocese officials. While at first it might appear to be an unfortunate development, there is a bright side. As a result of the bankruptcy anyone who was sexually abused by a priest or employee of the Archdiocese may now be able to bring a claim - even if in the past he or she was told they could not. However, because there will be a limited amount of time the Wisconsin courts will allow someone to bring a claim, survivors will have to act quickly. For more information concerning this development go to www.AbusedinWisconsin.com.

Jeff Anderson Joins
Ann Olivarius in Launching United Kingdom Law Firm
Jeff & Ann We are pleased to announce that Jeff Anderson has partnered with a UK-based solicitor Ann Olivarius to launch a new law firm, Jeff Anderson - Ann Olivarius Law. The firm is headquartered in London and seeks to bring justice to survivors on the other side of the Atlantic. Anderson and Olivarius filed their first joint case against the Diocese of Clogher and Father Francis Markey, who abused children both in Ireland and in the United States. More information can be found at www.AOAdvocates.com.

New members of our team: Lakeesha Tillmon and
Stacey Benson
Lakeesha & Stacey We are excited to welcome two invaluable additions to our paralegal staff: Lakeesha and Stacey. Lakeesha brings over four years of paralegal experience to the firm, having worked for many different practice areas with a variable number of clientele. She holds a degree in Political Science with minors in History and Philosophy. Stacey completed her Master's Degree in Forensic Science having worked as an Account Manager and investigator for a large insurance carrier. She has also spent time working with a local child abuse training and evaluation center. Both Lakeesha and Stacey assist our attorneys in client matters and are on the forefront of our client relations team.

Philadelphia Grand Jury Report Reveals Shocking Practices of Church Officials
Cathedral A recently issued report by a Grand Jury on the Philadelphia Archdiocese revealed shocking practices employed by Church officials with regard to the sexual abuse of children. Among other facts, the jury learned that in the past five years at least 41 priests credibly accused of abusing minors remained in active ministry. Only two of those 41 priests are officially listed on the Archdiocese's website as child abusers, leaving the rest unknown to the parishioners. The report follows with further disturbing facts regarding the office of Cardinal Bevilacqua and Msgr. William Lynn, who literally put thousands of children at risk of sexual abuse by knowingly placing them under the wings of abusive priests. Immediately following the release of the Grand Jury report, Anderson Advocates responded by filing a lawsuit in Pennsylvania state court against Philadelphia Archdiocese church officials on behalf of a California man who was abused as a child in the diocese. The Grand Jury report is available here.

$77 million for
survivors in Delaware
The diocese of Delaware has agreed to settle 140 claims of sexual abuse by their priests for a total of $77 million. Jeff Anderson represented a number of the plaintiffs and applauds the settlement, but also stresses the importance of noneconomic measures devised to help protect children and advance our mission of bringing social justice. "This settlement, when approved by the court, will help them economically to further their healing but, just as important, the noneconomic reforms they devised and won will help vulnerable children now and in the future," Anderson said in a statement.

External Links
Each month in this newsletter we will highlight organizations or individuals dedicated to protecting children. This month we are featuring NSAC News, a Website that offers a daily email of links to news stories from around the world concerning clergy abuse. If you are interested in keeping up on the issue simply send your request to the following email address, Sheehan1777@aol.com