2011 January

Jan 31, 2011: Undesired and Unwanted

That is exactly what the Vatican stated when it was faced with accepting service of Terry Kohut’s lawsuit relating to the sexual abuse of hundreds of boys  by Fr. Lawrence Murphy at the St. John’s School for the Deaf in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.   According to a document filed in United States District Court for the Eastern District of Wisconsin, the Vatican accepted service of the legal documents involved with the lawsuit and then, four days later, the Vatican contacted FedEx and asked FedEx to retrieve the package because the package was “undesired and unwanted.”

Jan 31, 2011: Press Conference: Vatican Rejects Service of Deaf Man’s Lawsuit

Refusal states legal service of lawsuit naming the Holy See, Pope Benedict XVI and Cardinals Bertone and Sodano as defendants was “undesired and unwanted” In a slap to US justice system, they send it back. Attorney calls audacious move “troubling”—says it shows the Catholic hierarchy still considers itself “above the law.” Click read more to view the video

Jan 21, 2011: The tangled web tightens for the Vatican

Headlines around the world this week have reported that Irish broadcaster RTE
obtained a 1997 letter from the Vatican that instructed Irish bishops not to
report child sex abuse by priests to the police. According to the letter, “the
situation of ‘mandatory reporting’ gives rise to serious reservations of both a
moral and a canonical nature.”
Survivors are calling this the “smoking gun” that proves the Vatican’s
complicity in the abuse cover-up. They are right, but that is not the whole
story with this letter.
Absolutely no one should be surprised by this direct expression of …

Jan 20, 2011: Old Vatican Letter Stirs Pedophile Priest Cover-Up Allegations

MINNEAPOLIS – An old letter from the Vatican has surfaced that many say is the smoking gun, the strongest indication yet the Church tried to cover up the crimes of pedophile priests.As an altar boy, Bob Swiderski was repeatedly sexually abused by a priest in Hector, Minnesota in the early 1960s. Now, he believes there’s proof the Catholic Church tried to cover up the crimes of pedophile priests.”What I’ve been saying for 20-plus years is that they’re not telling the truth,” Swiderski said. “They are creating hurdles and this just comes back and proves what my thoughts and my voice has been say…

Jan 20, 2011: Diocese Abuser List Long Awaited

In the fall of 2002, the year the clergy sexual abuse crisis exploded in Boston, the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Baltimore released a list of priests who had been credibly accused of sexual abuse over the previous five decades. Following a scathing 2005 grand jury report on sexual abuse in the Archdiocese of Philadelphia that listed the names of clergy abusers, that archdiocese established an online gallery, complete with photographs and assignment records of credibly accused priests, as well as a separate list of pending cases. And the Archdiocese of Chicago has kept an updated list of …

Jan 19, 2011: Secret Vatican Letter to Irish Bishops Claims Reporting of Sexual Abuse Violates Church Law

In a recently discovered internal Vatican document marked “Strictly Confidential” obtained by the Associated Press, the Vatican flexed its muscles over Irish bishops who adopted a child sexual abuse reporting policy that required making a police report.  The policy in question required church leaders to report all child sexual abuse allegations by Irish priests to Irish law enforcement.   According to a letter from the Vatican’s chief representative in Ireland, dated January 31, 1997,  “the situation of ‘mandatory reporting’ [of sexual abuse] gives rise to…