2011 March

Mar 07, 2011: Philadelphia archdiocese to face new claims in child sex abuse allegations

New York (CNN) — Attorneys said they will announce a new lawsuit Monday against the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, which has been the subject of a two-year grand jury investigation into claims officials ignored and covered up sex crimes against children.”The Lawsuit will allege that Archdiocese officials conspired to endanger the safety of the Plaintiff when they actively concealed their knowledge of (a) priest’s previous offenses, lied to parishioners, and created a sham sexual abuse victim assistance program for the Archdiocese,” according to a news release announcing the lawsuit. The lawsuit…

Mar 04, 2011: Sex Abuse Lawyers Plan Ad Campaign

Lawyers representing victims of clergy abuse in the Milwaukee Catholic
Archdiocese announced Thursday that they are launching a monthlong media
campaign to encourage others who have been sexually abused in the archdiocese to
come forward.
At a news conference at the Pfister Hotel, lawyer Jeff Anderson said that
because the archdiocese had filed for bankruptcy protection, there will be a
short time frame for survivors of abuse by priests to come forward and make
their claims.
Therefore, he said, he and other lawyers representing survivors are mounting
an unusual outreach…

Mar 03, 2011: Lawyer: Ex-Wis. archbishop’s letter ‘smoking gun’

MILWAUKEE — A 2003 letter from then-Milwaukee Archbishop Timothy Dolan shows he was more concerned about the church’s reputation than the actions of an abusive priest, an attorney for nearly two dozen alleged Wisconsin sex abuse victims claimed Tuesday. But the archdiocese that Dolan now heads said the letter does just the opposite and shows Dolan was deeply concerned and wanted the priest, Franklyn Becker, dismissed. St. Paul-Minn.-based attorney Jeff Anderson obtained the letter, which he released Tuesday, as part of cases he handled in California involving Becker. Anderson has filed 14…

Mar 01, 2011: Jueza: Mexicano puede demandar a la Iglesia en EEUU

LOS ANGELES — Un mexicano puede proceder con una
demanda de abuso sexual interpuesta en Estados Unidos contra la arquidiócesis de
Los Angeles, aunque el presunto abuso ocurrió en México y el sacerdote y el
demandante son de ese país, determinó una jueza.
La jueza federal de distrito Josephine Staton Tucker negó el viernes una
petición de abogados de la Iglesia católica que han buscado el sobreseimiento
del caso bajo el argumento de que los tribunales estadounidenses no tienen
Michael Hennigan, un abogado de la arquidiócesis, dijo que el caso carece de