2011 December

Dec 20, 2011: Sacramento Priest Deemed a Flight Risk

As feared, Rev. Uriel Ojeda has been deemed a flight risk, and the court today delayed Rev. Ojeda’s bail hearing until January. In our blog on December 1, 2011, I wrote of the hope that this predator not be permitted to flee the country to Mexico, as no less than six other priests facing credible allegations of sexual abuse in the Diocese of Sacramento have done. Here we see the very same risk. The courts should ensure that Rev. Ojeda is not permitted to flee the country and is made to face the allegations of child molestation of which he is accused.

Dec 15, 2011: Pittsburgh: New Details Emerge After Priest Arrested On Child Porn Charges

A local priest who was arrested on child pornography charges was allegedly traveling overseas to an area notorious for its sex industry. Sources close to the investigation told the KDKA Investigators that Fr. Bartl Sorensen travelled to Amsterdam several times. This information, along with thousands of new images found in Fr. Sorensen’s bedroom has investigators concerned he may have had sexual contact with children. According to sources, investigators are now looking through thousands of pornographic images found following a search of the rectory at St. John Fisher …

Dec 15, 2011: Citadel target of sex-abuse lawsuit

A lawsuit filed against The Citadel on Wednesday seeks a court mandate that would require the military college to report all child sexual abuse complaints or face contempt charges. Attorneys Jeff Anderson and Gregg Meyers filed suit against The Citadel on behalf of the mother of a young man who allegedly was sexually abused by Louis “Skip” ReVille after the school failed to report a complaint about the former cadet. The lawsuit alleges that The Citadel was grossly negligent in not reporting a former summer camper’s claim that ReVille showed young boys porn and masturbated with them at The Ci…

Dec 15, 2011: ABC news 4: Civil suit filed against The Citadel for negligence in ReVille case

The first suit against The Citadel for the school’s role in the Louis “Skip” ReVille case was filed Wednesday. One of the attorneys, Jeff Anderson, is the same man who’s filed similar suits against Penn State and Syracuse. “Some people think this lawsuit is designed to take The Citadel down, but frankly it’s designed to help them clean it up,” Anderson said. Attorneys say the child did not attend the military college, but claims since The Citadel’s leaders failed to report sexual allegations made about ReVille to law enforcement. Attorneys claim The Citadel is part…

Dec 14, 2011: The Citadel to face lawsuit in Louis ReVille sexual abuse scandal

At a news conference on Wednesday in Charleston, South Carolina, Attorneys Jeff Anderson and Gregg Meyers will announce a civil lawsuit to be filed on behalf of the mother of young man who as a child was sexually abused by Louis ReVille on numerous occasions over a time span of more than a year. The complaint, to be filed tomorrow (Wednesday) in Charleston County Court of Common Pleas names The Citadel as the sole defendant, and claims the college was grossly negligent in not reporting knowledge of previous abuse by ReVille, and thus, allowed her son to be sexually assaulted.

Dec 13, 2011: Press Event: Lawsuit to be Filed in Michael Weber Sexual Abuse Scandal

At a news conference on Tuesday in St. Paul, attorneys for a Virginia man, who lived in St. Cloud as a child, will announce a lawsuit against the Diocese of St. Cloud and Michael Weber. The lawsuit, to be filed in Hennepin County District Court, will address sexual abuse suffered by the child while vacationing with his family at a Minnesota lake. The victim, identified in the complaint as “John Doe HT”, wishes to keep his identity confidential, but will read a statement and answer questions from the media by phone.

Dec 08, 2011: Former Syracuse Assistant Basketball Coach Bernie Fine to Face Lawsuit in Pennsylvania’s Allegheny County

At a news conference today in Pittsburgh, Attorneys Jeff Anderson and Alan Perer will announce a civil lawsuit to be filed on behalf of Zach Tomaselli. Tomaselli, the 23 year-old Maine man who claims that as a 13 year-old he was sexually abused by Bernie Fine in a Pittsburgh hotel room will attend the news conference and speak to his abuse. The complaint, to be filed today in Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas names Fine as the sole defendant.

Dec 01, 2011: New Accuser Files Lawsuit in Penn State Abuse Case

Mr. Anderson said his client hadn’t spoken of the alleged abuse until other
stories were made public through the grand-jury report.
“This kid suffered in secrecy and in silence and shame thinking he was the
only one and never told a soul until the revelations came out about other kids
and a coverup,” Mr. Anderson said. “That’s what caused him to come forward and
break the silence.”
In a statement released by Mr. Anderson, the plaintiff said he had never told
anyone about being abused by Mr. Sandusky “until the newspapers reported that he
had abused other kids.” He said, “I am hu…