2012 March

Mar 29, 2012: Duluth News Tribune: Confronted by accuser, former Duluth scoutmaster stands trial for alleged sex crimes

A 34-year-old man testified Tuesday that when he was a Boy Scout in Duluth two decades ago a scoutmaster sexually assaulted him at least 20 times and when he confronted his assailant in 2009 the man offered to pay $300,000 to keep the matter secret and out of court.The alleged assailant, Edwin C. Culbert, a 77-year-old former Air National Guard navigator with no criminal history, is standing trial in State District Court in Duluth, charged with five sex crimes …

Mar 23, 2012: Law could lead to federal prosecutions of reservation crime

Some Native American tribes in Minnesota are hoping a relatively new federal law will help reduce high reservation crime rates.The Tribal Law and Order Act would allow for more federal prosecutions of reservation crimes. But some county prosecutors aren’t eager to have federal officials handle cases that have traditionally been theirs.Justice Department statistics show just how dangerous reservations can be. Crime rates are more than twice as high on reservations as they are elsewhere. American Indian women experience violent crime rates three and-a-half times the national a…

Mar 20, 2012: Protecting your child after a disclosure of sexual abuse: What parents need to know.

Since the Penn State scandal, questions about protecting children from sexual abuse seem to be on parents’ minds all the time. I am thankful for the media’s spotlight on these issues. I tell my friends and family to use these stories as “teachable moments.” Sit your kids down and talk to them about the issue of sexual abuse. Discuss the range of behaviors that could be characterized as sexual abuse. They can range from fondling and inappropriate tickling/touching of genitals to child pornography and rape.

Mar 20, 2012: Survivor Shows Persistence and Courage as Fr. Jeyapaul is Arrested in India

Top Vatican officials in the U.S., India and the Vatican’s own Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, knew, since 2006, about the threat Fr. Jeyapaul posed to minors, after he was charged with sexual abuse of a 14-year-old girl in the Diocese of Crookston, Minnesota. For six years prosecutors have been working to extradite the Indian priest to face charges in Minnesota. Finally, Indian police arrested Fr. Jeyapaul  last Friday in Erode, India, after Interpol alerted the authorities of his whereabouts. Jeyapaul’s case highlights the Vatican’s continued policy of covering for predator …

Mar 20, 2012: Priest on the lam in assault of Minnesota girl arrested in India

A fugitive Roman Catholic priest has been arrested in India after seven years on the run from charges that he sexually assaulted a 14-year-old Minnesota girl who sought his advice about becoming a nun.The Rev. Joseph Jeyapaul’s case was included in a March 11 story in the Tribune. His alleged victim, Megan Peterson, who is now 22, said in an interview Monday that she was taken off guard by the arrest after so many years of waiting.”I find it quite ironic that we did that interview and then a week later he is in handcuffs,” Peterson said. “I wasn’t expecting it to happen this fast.

Mar 17, 2012: Priest, facing sexual abuse charges, taken to Delhi

A catholic priest, who was arrested on Friday night at Erode on charges of sexually abusing two minor girls in the US, will be produced before the additional chief metropolitan magistrate at Patiala House in New Delhi on Sunday. The priest, J Jayapaul alias Joseph Palanivel, 57, of Ariyalur, is accused of sexually assaulting two minor girls at Northern Minnesota in 2004. He was charged in a US court in 2007. But by 2005, Jayapaul had returned to India to be with his ailing mother. The Interpol had approached the additional chief metropolitan magistrate court in New Delhi to sec…

Mar 15, 2012: Jeff Anderson & Associates Wins Groundbreaking Child Pornography Lawsuit

Yesterday, a federal
judge awarded money damages to a victim of child pornography

using the federal anti-child pornography law named “Masha’s Law.”  In one of the first cases of its kind, a
victim of sexual abuse and child pornography won a judgment for $240,000
against his former foster and adoptive parent, Gregg Alan Larsen, for injuries
relating to child pornography produced when the victim was a child.

Mar 15, 2012: Former St. Paul teacher must pay damages for child porn

A federal judge has ordered former St. Paul teacher Gregg Alan Larsen to pay $240,000 to a man who was once his foster son for using him in the production of child pornography.Pierre Larsen, a foster child who was adopted by Larsen when he was 11, won the judgment on Wednesday, March 14.It was only the second time that a plaintiff has successfully used the federal “Masha’s Law” to obtain restitution for a victim of child pornography, said Pierre Larsen’s attorney, Patrick Noaker of Anderson and Associates. The law was named for a Russian orphan adopted by an American man who began abusing her …