2012 March

Mar 13, 2012: Dissecting the Irish Christian Brothers Bankruptcy

Last year, the Irish Christian Brothers (ICB) became the 10th US Catholic diocese or religious order to declare bankruptcy to avoid public child sex abuse trials or depositions. In the case of the ICB, the order was faced with more than 50 lawsuits at one of its Seattle schools and had to act quickly before any of the cases went to trial. Our offices have handled hundreds of cases in these bankruptcies across the country, but there are some unique attributes of the Irish Christian Brothers bankruptcy that victims and the public need to know.1) It’s very hard to track the brothers. And the brot…

Mar 09, 2012: Keeping Young Athletes Safe From Sexual Abuse

who want to protect their kids from sexual abuse need to reassess the
notion of “stranger danger” — the belief that children should be on
guard around strangers because they’re most likely to be molested by
someone unknown to them, experts say.In truth, at least four of
five cases of child sexual abuse are perpetrated by someone who knows
the child, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics.”Parents
need to get away from that mythology and deal with the reality [that]
if it’s going to happen, it’s going to be someone within your circle,”
said Nancy McBride, nat…

Mar 03, 2012: Former Olympic swimmer Katherine Starr starts Safe4Athletes to help fellow abuse victims

Katherine Starr was at a crossroads last April, professionally and personally, when she says she began brainstorming: as a previous victim of sexual abuse in sports, how could she help make a positive impact on addressing the issue?This was months before the names Jerry Sandusky, Bernie Fine and other coaching/sports figures were strewn across the headlines, before the tidal wave of media coverage about horrific cases of alleged sexual abuse at Penn State, Syracuse and other iconic sports programs.”I was barely coaching,” says Starr, a former member of the British Olympic swimming team for the…

Mar 02, 2012: Sandusky federal investigation may have different focus

It’s fairly clear the federal investigation into Penn State University won’t be a duplication of the grand jury probe that led to charges of more than 50 counts of child sex abuse against Jerry Sandusky. Instead, federal authorities seem to be stepping into areas where the state attorney general’s office hasn’t gone.

Mar 01, 2012: Teacher Sex Abuse: Why Repeat Offenders Are So Common

When Bud Spillane was a school superintendent in New Rochelle, N.Y., he had to deal with removing an elementary school teacher suspected of sex abuse. “It was pretty evident he had done something,” Spillane recalls. The biggest obstacle to removing him from the classroom? “Parents came out of the woodwork…against me,” he says. They loved the teacher, the afterschool time he put in, and the weekend trips he liked to take students on, so they fought to keep him in school.