2015 October

Oct 13, 2015: Press Release: St. Paul News Conference Tuesday

At a news conference on Tuesday in St. Paul attorneys Jeff Anderson and Mike Bryant will announce the filing of a civil lawsuit naming the Diocese of St. Cloud,Father Antonio “Tony” Marfori and Cathedral High School as defendants. The lawsuit was filed on behalf of Doe 75, who was sexually abused by Fr. Marfori when he was approximately 15 years old. Fr. Marfori was Doe 75’s religion teacher at Cathedral High School in St. Cloud.

Oct 13, 2015: What a Watergate “Oversight” Can Teach us About the Institutional Cover-Up of Sex Abuse

You may know of Ockham’s Razor, a principle developed by William of Ockham in the 14th century.  He espoused simplicity of thought, that is, the simpler theory is more likely to be true.  I take it as, “Ask the next, obvious, and simple question, and you will get to the truth.” The same goes for the Catholic clergy sex abuse crisis. My experience has shown me that in order to get to the root of the problem of the crisis, the best question is the simplest and the most obvious. Why? Because it opens up the most complex web of secrets. For the sake of argument and example, let’s look…