2018 January

Jan 19, 2018: Pope Francis Defends Bishop Accused of Protecting Pedophile Priest and Accuses Child Sexual Abuse Survivors of Slander

In Chile on Thursday, Pope Francis defended a bishop he appointed in 2015, even though the bishop was accused of protecting a pedophile priest. He went further and accused the priest’s victims of slandering the bishop, demanding that they provide “proof” of their allegations, even though Pope Francis apparently has refused to meet with all of the priest’s victims to discuss what they know.The Pope’s attack angered, horrified and re-traumatized survivors and is another, more frontal example of the Vatican protecting itself at the expense of clergy…

Jan 15, 2018: Fr. Antonio Marfori Added to Diocese of St. Cloud’s Clergy Abuse List, Attorneys Challenge Bishop to Release More Information

(St. Paul, MN) – On Friday afternoon, St. Cloud Diocese Bishop Donald Kettler added Fr. Antonio “Tony” Marfori to the diocese’s list of clergy likely to have abused minors, making Marfori the 40th name on the list. “Putting Fr. Marfori on the list is the right thing to do but much more information is needed in order to protect children in St. Cloud,” said Jeff Anderson, attorney for three Marfori sexual abuse survivors.

Jan 05, 2018: 2017 – A Remarkable Year of Courage by Abuse Survivors

“Courage, my friends; ‘tis not too late to build a better world.” – Tommy DouglasThe past year will be remembered for many things but for us, one thing stood out from the turbulence of 2017:Courage.The courage of survivors to confront sexual abuse, sexual harassment and all forms of sexual misconduct in spite of their fears and the systems stacked against them amazed and inspired us in 2017. The groundswell that began with clergy sexual abuse survivors in the 1980s and 2000s,  energized Bill Cosby and Harvey Weinstein survivors and emboldened survivors of sexual misconduct by priests…