2018 February

Feb 22, 2018: Misuse of Musical Ministry

On February 15, 2018, our firm held a press conference in Long Island, NY, and exposed the name of a predatory priest, Fr. Peter Charland, who found a path to his victims through musical youth groups in the parishes he was assigned to.  By all accounts, Fr. Charland was a charismatic, charming leader who coerced his way into children’s lives through well-known grooming tactics.  Survivor, Steven Werner, a former member of the P.J. Folk Singers led by Fr. Charland, courageously spoke at the press conference and acknowledged that the abuse he suffered at the hands of Fr. Charland was…

Feb 15, 2018: Media Advisory: Multiple Abuse Claims Against Former Diocese of Rockville Centre Priest Thursday, Survivor to Speak Publicly

Today, February 15, 2018, Attorney J. Michael Reck of Jeff Anderson & Associates P.A. will release the name and photographs of a Diocese of Rockville Centre perpetrator whose identity has never been publicly released. The perpetrator left the priesthood and became a psychotherapist working with children after abusing children in the Diocese of Rockville Centre.