2018 August

Aug 31, 2018: Survivor Inspires By Rejecting Payout, Seeking Justice

As an adult, Paul Dunn came forward and reported that he was sexually abused as a child by a Queens, NY, priest, many years after it happened. Now 53, Dunn spent the past 40 or so years suffering: attempted suicide, addiction, cutting, depression, post-traumatic stress disorder and three failed marriages. In June, he turned down a $200,000 cash settlement for his suffering because it ‘“doesn’t even come close” to delivering justice.”’We are inspired by his courage and selflessness. The Diocese of Brooklyn, which covers Queens, offered Dunn the money after he provided details regarding his…

Aug 30, 2018: Diocese of Buffalo, Bishop Malone Continue to Put Children at Risk

Today a courageous sexual abuse survivor, Matthew Golden, sued the Diocese of Buffalo, New York for nuisance. The lawsuit claims that the Diocese of Buffalo continues to conspire and engage in efforts to conceal from the public and law enforcement, the identities of priests who have sexually abused minors and allow known child molesters like Fr. Dennis Riter who abused Golden when he was a child, to live freely in the community without information the public. To-date, more than 80 priests have been accused of child sexual abuse in the Diocese of Buffalo. Attorney Stacey Benson calls on the…

Aug 29, 2018: Pope’s Apology Rings Hollow for Sexual Abuse Survivors

Last week, Pope Francis offered an apology to survivors of child sexual abuse, but this apology rings hollow. The Catholic Church, its Bishops, and the current and previous Popes, continue to repeatedly apologize to survivors without taking any action to help survivors of sexual abuse. Words do not protect children, actions do. Attorney Mike Finnegan calls on Pope Francis and the Vatican to come clean, release the files of all pedophile priests and punish the Bishops who were complicit in covering up these horrific crimes against children.

Aug 24, 2018: Doe 446 to Speak Publicly Today in Duluth for First Time, Press Event 11:00 AM

At a news conference today in Duluth, sexual abuse survivor Doe 446 and
his attorneys, Mike Finnegan, Mike Bryant and Josh Peck will speak publicly for the first time about the jury verdict returned last night in his favor; discuss the lawsuit filed by Doe 446 against Fr. William Graham in 2016
for child sexual abuse and Fr. Graham’s retaliatory lawsuit claiming
contract interference and intentional infliction of emotional distress and Call on the Diocese of Duluth and Bishop Paul Sirba to release Fr.
Graham’s file and the details surrounding the internal investigation,
which resulted in the Diocesan Review Board finding Doe 446’s abuse
claims credible

Aug 23, 2018: Duluth Jury Rules in Favor of Sexual Abuse Survivor, Bishop Paul Sirba Withholds Information and Refuses to Testify

Bishop Paul Sirba Refuses to Testify, Withholds Information Regarding Father William Graham from Jury(Duluth, MN) – Tonight, a Duluth jury returned a verdict in favor of a courageous sexual abuse survivor, Doe 446, concluding the survivor did not intentionally inflict emotional distress upon Fr. William Graham after Doe 446 named Fr. Graham in a sexual abuse lawsuit in 2016. The survivor requested that Bishop Sirba testify and Bishop Sirba refused, instead sending a lawyer to fight this request. Bishop Paul Sirba refused to testify to the details of the investigation and refused to provide….

Aug 22, 2018: Attorney & Survivors Call for Statewide Grand Jury Investigation of Cover-up by Catholic Bishops in Minnesota

At a news conference today, sexual abuse survivors and attorney Jeff Anderson will urge the Minnesota attorney general and local prosecutors across Minnesota to launch a grand jury investigation into all Catholic dioceses. Discuss how the Minnesota Catholic Bishops have used bankruptcy to stop the unraveling of the cover-up of child sex abuse

Aug 15, 2018: Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report Exposes the Catholic Church’s “Playbook for Concealing the Truth”

The highly anticipated 2018 Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report was released Tuesday naming over 300 predator priests who were credibly accused of sexually abusing more than 1,000 children over the course of 70 years across six Pennsylvania dioceses. The information contained in this report substantiates what we have known for years: the Vatican and those in positions of power in the Catholic Church have continued to deceive the public and its parishioners through present day. As explained in the Pennsylvania Grand Jury Report, this problem is not happening “somewhere else,” but it’s happening every…