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Key Documents

Cemetery Trust Transfer - All Documents

Transfer funds to cemetery trust
Permission to transfer funds

Vatican Responses or Lack of Response to Laicization Petitions Post 2001 - All Documents

John O’Brien Daniel Massie Jerome Wagner
Donald Peters Marvin Knighton David Hanser
Michael Benham Daniel Budzynski Ronald Engel
Michael Krejci Jerome Lanser Thomas Trepanier
John Wagner

Payments to Priests Accused of Molesting Children - All Documents

James Beck Franklyn Becker James Flynt
James Jablonowski Jerome Wagner Michael Krejci
John O'Brien Daniel Massie Thomas Trepanier

Perpetrators Allowed to Remain Priests by the Vatican and Archdiocese (Cardinal Dolan and Archbishop Listecki) Despite Substantiated Reports of Child Sex Abuse - All Documents

John Wagner Raymond Adamsky James Beck
George Hopf Jerome Lanser Thomas Trepanier
Charles Walter

The Vatican’s Response to Archdiocese’s Concerns About Admitted or Convicted Child Molesting Priests Being in Contact With Children, Despite Restrictions - All Documents

John Wagner
John O’Brien

Vatican Surprise that Archdiocese of Milwaukee is experiencing financial difficulties - All Documents

Surpise with ADOM's finances
Change in Lanser's benefits

Archdiocese Mediation Process - All Documents

Offers in mediation

Archbishops Cousins and Meyer Did Not Document Reports of Child Sex Abuse - All Documents

Daniel Budzynski Donald Peters Barbara Cusack Deposition
William Farrell David Hanser Archbishop Weakland Book

Archbishop Dolan’s Concern About Statute of Limitations Reform - All Documents

Concern about possible legislation John Wagner
Thomas Trepanier Marvin Knighton

Dolan Decision to Release the Names of Priests With Substantiated Reports of Sex Abuse of a Minor - All Documents

Dolan Deposition
Reasons not to relase the names
Decision to release made before dolan