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TODAY: First Delaware Boy Scouts Bankruptcy Hearing

2/19/2020 5:08:00 PM
Boy Scouts of America Still Refuses to Release Names of Perpetrators Despite Claims of Transparency
Wilmington, Delaware
– At the first bankruptcy hearing, the Boy Scouts of America still has not shared the names of perpetrators with the public despite laying out a four-point plan with transparency as the first point. The Boy Scouts of America wants to limit this and other information to attorneys.

“True transparency requires the immediate, public release of the names of the thousands of perpetrators only the Scouts know about,” said Mike Finnegan, an attorney at Jeff Anderson and Associates. “The Boy Scouts of America are spending enormous amounts of time and money on legal motions instead of child protection -- with almost 3,000 hidden child molesters only the Scouts know about. These individuals to this day could still be hurting kids and their names should be released immediately before they spend another dime in Court.”

Attorneys from Jeff Anderson and Associates, a law firm dedicated to stopping childhood sexual abuse and providing assistance to survivors, will be following the developments closely and continuing the fight to hold the Boy Scouts of America accountable.

WHAT: Mike Finnegan and attorneys from Jeff Anderson and Associates will be available today to comment on the first bankruptcy hearing for the Boy Scouts of America.
WHEN: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

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