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Br. Frank Luke Dalton, C.F.C.


Notes: Br. Frank L. Dalton, C.F.C., a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers Order, allegedly sexually abused a male student while he worked as principal at Brother Rice High School in Birmingham, Michigan. The survivor said Br. Dalton was transferred to California after he admitted he had a “wet dream” about the boy. Br. Dalton worked at two schools in California: St. Vincent-St. Patrick in Viejo and Palma High School in Salinas. Br. Dalton also worked in Vancouver and Burnaby in British Columbia; Butte, Montana; Joliet, Illinois; Burbank, Illinois; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and Cantwell High School, Montebello, California. During his final stay in Salinas, California, he reportedly tutored, counseled, and held summer camps for the migrant labor camp children in the Gonzales area. He was also a commissioner on the Monterey County Juvenile Justice Commission.


1955 Entered the Congregation of Christian Brothers Order

1956-1963 Unknown

1964-1969 Palma High School, Salinas, CA

1970-1987 Unknown

1988-1999 Palma High School, Salinas, CA

2000 Unknown

2001 Died