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Bp. Tod D. Brown

Ordination: 1963

Notes: Bp. Brown was ordained in 1963 and spent the next two and half decades rising through the ranks of the Diocese of Monterey. By 1988, he was named Bishop of Boise. After a decade in Boise, Bp. Brown returned to California as Bishop of Orange. Immediately following his new appointment, news broke alleging Bp. Brown had sexually abused a 12-yearold boy in 1965. Subsequently, it was uncovered that, despite his charade of increased sex-abuse transparency, he had a storied history of repudiating victims, covering up sexual abuse, and continually employing perpetrators. As of 2012, Bp. Brown is believed to be residing in Orange, California. His current access to children is unknown.


1964-1966 Our Lady of Perpetual Help, CA

1967 St. Francis-Xavier, Seaside, CA

1967 St. Francis-Xavier, Seaside, CA

1969-1971 St. Jude’s, Marina, CA

1972-1973 Monterey Diocesan Headquarter, Monterey, CA

1974-1976 St. Jude Church, Marina, CA

1977-1987 St. Francis Xavier Church, Seaside, CA

1988-1997 Diocese of Boise, Boise, ID

1998-2012 Diocese of Orange, Orange, CA

2012-2018 Retired