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Fr. Michael Raymond O’ Donohoe


Ordination: 1939

Notes: Fr. Michael Raymond O’Donohoe worked at multiple parishes throughout California and as a Chaplain for the United States Army. In 2010, as part of a settlement with survivors of clergy sexual abuse, the Diocese of San Diego released Fr. O’Donohoe’s personnel file.


1940 St. Agnes, San Diego, CA

1941 St. Edwards, Corona, CA

1942 Holy Rosary, San Bernardino, CA

1943 St. John the Evangelist, San Diego, CA

1944-1947 Chaplain, U.S Army

1948 Unassigned

1949 150 N 1st St., Midland, CA

1950 815 F St., San Diego, CA

1951 St. Martin, La Mesa, CA

1952 St. George, Ontario, CA

1953 Our Lady of the Lake, Lake Arrowhead, CA

1954-1961 St. Theresa, Palm Springs, CA

1962-1967 On Sick Leave

1967 Died