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Fr. Joseph “Jose” Rossell


Ordination: 1930

Notes: Fr. Joseph (Jose) Rossell was a Spanish priest who traveled to the United States from Spain and began working in the Diocese of San Diego in approximately 1953. After several transfers during his first few years in the Diocese, he was moved to St. Anthony in National City, where he remained until his retirement in 1972. According to the Diocese of San Diego, Fr. Rossell retired to Spain in 1972. Fr. Rossell was included in the Diocese of San Diego’s list of priests where the Diocese has received a credible allegation involving sexual abuse of a minor. His whereabouts and whether he had access to children between 1972 and his death in 1982 are unknown.


1931-1952 Unknown

1953 St. Joseph Cathedral, San Diego, CA

1954-1955 Our Lady of Guadalupe, San Bernardino, CA

1955-1956 St. Anthony, Imperial, CA

1956 Sacred Heart, Bryn Mawr, CA

1956-1972 St. Anthony, National City, CA

1973-1974 Unknown

1975-1982 Retired

1982 Died