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Fr. Thomas Patrick Purcell, S.M.


Ordained, 1972

Notes: Fr. Thomas Patrick Purcell was ordained a priest of the Society of Mary. In 2002, Fr. Purcell was arrested for child sexual abuse. In 2003, he was subsequently sentenced to nine and a half years in prison. Fr. Purcell was named on the Diocese of Tucson’s “List of clergy and other Church personnel identified by the Diocese of Tucson with assignments, employment or ministry service within the Diocese about whom the Diocese is aware of credible allegations of sexual misconduct involving a minor.” Fr. Purcell’s current status as a priest, his whereabouts, and whether he has access to children are unknown.


1973-1977 S.A. Colegio Santa Maria, Lima, Peru (StLProv)

1978 Immaculate Conception, Columbia, IL (Bel) 

1979-1981 Unknown 

1982-1983 St. Odilia, Tucson, AZ (TUC) 

1983-1984 In Residence, Sacred Heart, Nogales, AZ (TUC)

1985-1986 Unknown 

1987 St. Francis, Mojave, CA (FRS) 

1988 St. Joseph, Boron, CA (FRS)

1989-1990 St. Mary’s, Buttonwillow, CA (FRS)

1991 St. Francis, Mojave, CA (FRS)

1992 St. Francis, Bakersfield, CA (FRS)

1993 Our Lady of Mercy/St. Patrick’s, Merced, CA (FRS)

1994-1996 Sacred Heart, Planada, CA (FRS)

1997-2019 Unknown