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Br./Fr. Donald (Don) W. Eagleson

Ordination: 1985

Notes: Fr. Donald W. Eagleson was a Brother of the Holy Cross religious order prior to his ordination as a Diocesan priest in 1985. Abuse allegations against Fr. Eagleson allege that the abuse occurred in approximately 1971 at Moreau High School in Hayward, CA. Fr. Eagleson was a Brother of the Holy Cross at the time of the alleged abuse. In 2002, another allegation of abuse arose, that allegedly occurred in 1971 and Fr. Eagleson was placed on leave. Fr. Eagleson was named in one civil lawsuit in 2004. It is believed that Fr. Eagleson worked in least four high schools during his career as a religious Brother and priest


Pre-1985 Unknown (Brother of the Holy Cross)

1986-1987 St. Vincent de Paul, Petaluma, CA

1988-1989 Unknown

1990 St. Bernard’s Church, Eureka, CA

1991-2003 Sacred Heart Church, Eureka, CA

2004 Retired, Nazareth House, San Rafael, CA

2004 Died