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Fr. James T. Cairns, C.M.

Ordained, 1969

Notes: Fr. James Cairns was ordained a Vincentian priest. Fr. Cairns has been accused of sexually abusing at least one child from approximately 1971 to 1973. Fr. Cairns was included in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles’ “Report to the People of God: Clergy Sexual Abuse Archdiocese of Los Angeles” in the “Religious Order Priests and Brothers” section. It is believed Fr. Cairns may be living in Modesto, CA, however, his status as a priest, his current whereabouts, and whether he has access to children are unknown.


1970-1971 Seminary of Our Lady Queen of Angels,

San Fernando, CA, (LA)

1994-1998 Saint Agnes’ Medical Center, Fresno, CA, (FRS)

1972-1977 St. Vincent Seminary, Montebello, CA, (LA) 1999-2000 The Catholic Community of Mount Carmel,

Fresno, CA; St. Alphonsus, Fresno, CA (FRS)

1981-1988 Unknown 2001 Children’s Hospital, Fresno, CA (FRS)

1989 St. Vincent, Los Angeles, CA, (LA) 2002-2019 Unknown

1990-1993 Unknown