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Msgr. Gregory Sheridan


Ordination: 1935

Notes: Msgr. Gregory Sheridan was originally from Spain. Msgr. Sheridan worked in Kansas, Texas, Nebraska, and California. His assignments during his time in Kansas, Texas, and Nebraska are unknown. Msgr. Sheridan retired in 1983 with a letter of recommendation to a Spanish diocese. Msgr. Sheridan has been accused of child sexual abuse by at least one survivor. Msgr. Sheridan’s name appears on list of priests with credible allegations released by the San Diego Diocese in 2007. Msgr. Sheridan’s personnel file was released by the San Diego Diocese in 2010. Msgr. Sheridan’s status as a priest, his whereabouts, and his access to children from 1983 to 1991 are unknown.


1935-1948 Unknown

1948-1949 St. John Bosco, East Highland, CA

1949-1954 St. Joseph, Upland, CA

1952 Incardinated into San Diego Diocese

1954-1970 St. Jude, San Diego, CA

July-Sept. 1970 Immaculate Heart of Mary, Ramona, CA

1970-1983 St. Peter, Fallbrook, CA

1983 Retired

1983-1991 Unknown

1991 Died