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Msgr. Lawrence J. Baird


Ordination: 1969

Notes: Ordained in 1969, Msgr. Baird continues to serve nearing 5 decades later. According to the Chapel’s website, Msgr. Baird currently serves at St. John Vianney Chapel in Newport Beach and is on the Diocesan Finance Council. In 2002, Msgr. Baird was accused of sexually abusing a teenaged girl twenty years prior when she came to him seeking counsel after being sexually abused by another priest, Fr. John Lenihan. Within weeks of being accused, Msgr. Baird sued the accuser for slander. The case was dismissed and Baird was required to pay the woman’s legal fees. Msgr. Baird was later accused of sexually abusing another girl. It is believed that he never faced any punishment and was allowed to continue serving.


1969-1973 St. John, Hacienda Heights, CA

1974 Vocations Commission, Los Angeles, CA

1975-1977 St. Anthony Claret, Anaheim, CA

1978 Our Lady of Fatima, San Clemente, CA

1979-1983 Cathedral of the Holy Family, Orange, CA

1984 St. Callistus, Garden Grove, CA

1985-1988 St. Polycarp, Stanton, CA

1989 Unknown

1990 Development Office, Orange, CA

1991-1993 St. Norbert Church, Orange, CA

1994-1997 Cathedral of the Holy Family Church, Orange, CA

1998-2000 Our Lady Queen of Angels Church, Newport Beach, CA

2001-2006 Orange Catholic Foundation, Orange, CA

2002-2003 Our Lady Queen of Angels Church, Newport Beach, CA

2004-2006 St. John Vianney, Orange, CA

2005-2016 Diocesan Finance Council

2007-2017 Our Lady of Mount Carmel, Newport Beach, CA