Joseph S. Thomas: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

Joseph S. Thomas

5/01/1952        Ordained

7/08/1952 – Assistant Pastor, St. Columba Parish

7/06/1960 – Assistant Pastor, St. David Parish

5/16/1966 – Assistant Pastor, St. Ferdinand Parish

1/04/1974 – Administrator, St. Ferdinand Parish

6/12/1975 – Associate Pastor, St. Giles Parish

12/19/1975 – Administrator, Our Lady of the Cross Mission; and Pastor, St. Margaret Mary Parish

12/08/1987 – Associate Pastor, St. John Vianney Parish

1/02/1989        Sabbatical

1/1419/97 – Pastor Emeritus, St. Margaret Mary

7/23/1998        Resident, St. John Vianney

10/16/2002      Review board finds reasonable cause to suspect sexual abuse of a minor. (AOC 020320). Thomas relieved of ecclesiastical ministry or function.

4/13/2006        Allegation of sexual abuse of two minors. (AOC 020265)

8/2011             Deceased