5/07/1959        Ordained

7/1/1959 – Assistant Pastor, St. Fidelis

6/25/1964 – Assistant Pastor, St. Veronica’s

8/9/1968          Kmak leaving on 8/19/1968 (AOC 017127)

2/1/1969          Laicized (AOC 017132)

7/6/2001          Report of sexual abuse as a minor at St. Fidelis in the early 1960s. (AOC 017136)

8/3/2001          When seeking laicization, Kmak mentioned that he showed special affection to two very young girls. He thought he spoiled their lives because of his relationships with them. (AOC 017145)

8/18/2001        Review Board finds reasonable cause to suspect sexual abuse. (AOC 017149)

11/2/2004        Report of sexual abuse at St. Fidelis from 1963-1964 (AOC 017164-65)

7/2002             Died