31 Oct: “In Bad Faith” – Fault Lines Puts the Pressure on Cardinal Dolan and NY Abuser Msgr. John Paddack; Honors Survivors’ Stories

On October 23, Aljazeera English released “In Bad Faith: Child Sex Abuse and the Catholic Church” (posted below). Part of their Fault Lines series, it is an unflinching investigation into survivors and perpetrators of Catholic clergy sex abuse in the Archdiocese of New York. This is an important piece of journalism for the child protection movement, told with the compassion, the scrutiny, and the urgency the Catholic clergy sexual abuse crisis requires.

13 Sep: Understanding California AB218 and What It Means For Survivors

There’s a lot of growing excitement and discussion in the Child Protection Movement, locally and across the country, around California Assembly Bill 218 – and rightfully so. It transcends bi-partisan politics. It kicks open courthouse doors thought forever closed. It makes healing and justice a possibility for survivors of child sexual abuse. It’s a BIG DEAL.

09 Aug: New York Child Victims Act Window Opens Wednesday For Child Sexual Abuse Survivors

Child sexual abuse survivors in New York will have a new chance at justice and healing beginning Wednesday, August 14, when New York’s one-year window for survivors to take legal action against their perpetrators and the institutions that protected them takes effect. “This is a new day for survivors and a real chance at healing,” said attorney Jeff Anderson of Jeff Anderson & Associates, who represents hundreds of survivors who were sexually abused as children in New York. “These courageous survivors are holding perpetrators and powerful institutions accountable. They’re taking back power that was stolen from them as children.”

01 Aug: Track Coach’s Decades of Abuse Ended by Courageous Survivors’ Voices

As the news continues to unfold about serial sexual abuser Conrad Avondale Mainwaring, the former Olympian and track coach accused of sexually abusing dozens of boys and young athletes at locations across the United States, we are again seeing the stark reality of how dangerous one unchecked predator can be. However, we are also reminded of the power survivors’ voices can have in protecting children.

21 Jun: Sexual Assault Arrest of Los Angeles Coach a Reminder of Need for Oversight of Coaches

Reports that a Los Angeles track coach and former Olympic hurdler is accused of sexually assaulting more than 30 athletes over 44 years are grim reminders of the need for strict oversight to guard against predatory coaches.Conrad Mainwaring was arrested Wednesday and charged with sexual battery in connection with an incident in 2016 when he sexually assaulted a male college athlete “under the guise of physical therapy and metal focus training,” according to police. Mainwaring, 67, competed for Antigua in the 1976 Olympics as a hurdler. He has coached high school and college track and field…

14 Jun: U.S. Bishops’ New Accountability Protocols Defy Accountability

Sometimes a headline describes an issue better than the story. Take this one from Thursday’s article in American Magazine about bishop accountability protocols regarding sexual abuse adopted by U.S. Catholic bishops  this week in Baltimore:“U.S. bishops adopt new protocols for holding themselves accountable for sex abuse”The story highlights how the bishops’ new protocols are designed to ensure transparency and impartiality in dealing with sexual abuse and abuse cover-up by U.S. bishops, problems which have been secretly handled in-house by bishops and the Vatican for decades with…

31 May: Arizona Enacts Historic Law Giving Abuse Survivors Chance to Seek Healing, Justice

On Monday, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey signed into law victim’s rights legislation that gives child sexual abuse survivors more time to file civil claims against their perpetrators and the institutions that protected them. Arizona joined the ranks of New York, New Jersey and a growing number of other states in reforming their statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse, giving survivors a long-denied path to healing, justice and accountability.The law extends the age limit to bring a claim against a perpetrator from 20 to 30 and opens a temporary window for survivors older than 30 to file civil…

29 May: What Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors Need to Know about California Compensation Plans

On May 14, 2019, the Catholic bishops of California announced the establishment of an Independent Compensation Program for Victim-Survivors of Sexual Abuse of Minors by Priests in six California dioceses. These programs will be available to anyone who has been sexually abused as a minor by diocesan priests of the participating dioceses, but this isn’t necessarily the best option for everyone. Our office has represented survivors in similar plans in New York and Pennsylvania. In this short video, attorney and advocate Mike Reck covers the basics and simplifies some of the complexities of these …

28 May: Arizona Child Sexual Abuse Survivors Granted New Rights in Unanimous Legislature Vote

On May 27, 2019, following a groundbreaking unanimous legislative approval in the wake of emotionally-charged negotiations and testimony, Governor Doug Ducey signed into law Arizona’s own victims’ rights bill (HB2466). In so doing, Arizona has joined the ranks of New York, New Jersey, and a growing number of other states in effectively reforming the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse survivors and opening new roads to healing, justice, and accountability. “This bill is an important step in providing victims of child sexual abuse the justice they deserve,” tweeted Gov…

15 May: New Victims’ Rights Law in New Jersey: 3 Reasons Why It Matters

The new law in New Jersey is the most historic development in Child Protection and helping survivors that has ever been signed into law. Reason Number 1: It gives survivors the chance to expose offenders – past and present – in the community.Reason Number 2: It gives survivors a chance to have their voice heard and known in a way never-before acknowledged or allowed by law. It opens the courthouse doors and can bring child protection and transparency in the communities about where the risks are and who chose to protect those offenders.Reason Number 3: It allows survivors a chance to exercise…