Four Siblings Sue the Sunrise Center and Lorraine Grace for Sexual Assault

Grace Took Advantage of Family Trauma to Abuse and Assault Siblings, Sunrise Center Covered Up

(Los Angeles, CA) – Attorneys from Greenberg Gross and Jeff Anderson & Associates filed a lawsuit against Sunrise Center and Lorraine Grace on behalf of four siblings from the same family. The case was filed under the California Child Victims Act (AB 218) and faults the Sunrise Center with negligence and negligent supervision and retention of Lorraine Grace, the head of Sunrise Center and a grief counselor who took part in threatening, drugging and sexually assaulting the siblings. The plaintiffs have requested that their names remain private.

“The lawsuit seeks to hold Lorraine Grace accountable for using her position of power to take advantage of a grief-stricken family to drug, sexually assault and threaten four innocent children,” said Greenberg Gross attorney Deborah Mallgrave. “It also exposes how the Sunrise Center chose to cover up the abuse, putting countless children at risk for years. With this lawsuit, the public will learn about the cover up of abuse.”

The complaint alleges that in 2008, when they were approximately ten years old, the four siblings were enrolled in a grief and crisis program at Sunrise Center, a treatment center run by Lorraine Grace in Corte Madera, California. Their mother had recently been diagnosed with an advanced form of cancer and the program offered the promise of helping the family and young siblings cope with the diagnosis.

In 2009, after their mother’s condition worsened, to the point where she could no longer leave her bed, the mother and siblings moved into Grace’s home. During this time, Grace began drugging the siblings at night and sexually assaulting them.

Within months, Grace capitalized on the family’s fear and vulnerability around the severity of the mother’s illness and encouraged the siblings’ mother to seek experimental treatment in Mexico. As detailed in the complaint, the abuse of the siblings escalated to near-daily assaults by Grace and other adults living in the home. Grace also threatened that if the siblings informed their parents of the abuse, she would stop paying for the mother’s cancer treatment and she would die.

In approximately 2011, after the siblings’ father informed Grace that they would not be returning to her home or the Sunrise Center and instead would be staying in southern California, Grace called the police on their father. After the siblings’ mother moved back, Grace sent her head of security to the siblings’ home to threaten their parents with legal action if they were not returned to her home.

The complaint also alleges that the authorities at Sunrise Center knew about and authorized Lorraine Grace’s abuse of the siblings after being informed of her actions.

“It is unconscionable that despite knowing that Lorraine Grace drugged, abused and threatened these four siblings, Sunrise continued to enable and protect Lorraine Grace,” said attorney Mike Reck of Jeff Anderson & Associates. “It is time justice is served.”