Lawsuit Against Pastor Derstine, Gospel Crusade

Blog: Sarah Odegaard | 8:49 AM          

Update:  This case has reached an out of court settlement.  We commend this brave survivor for having the courage to speak up and out about the abuse she suffered.

In August of 2010, we filed a lawsuit against Pastor Derstine, Gospel Crusade Inc. and Gospel Crusade Fellowship Inc., for sexual abuse of Plaintiff, a minor, by Gerald Derstine at the Strawberry Lake Retreat in Minnesota.  This lawsuit is ongoing in United States District Court, District of Minnesota.  This case has generated significant discussion on our old blog site, and we hope to facilitate continued discussion of this case here on our new website.  Please post any new related comments to this blog.   We will continue to post any new developments in the case as it unfolds.  You can find active links to the transcript of the recorded police call and the letter from Pastor Derstine to Plaintiff here.  Thank you for your interest in this case.  By making known that Pastor Gerald Derstine is accused of child sexual abuse, we hope to protect other kids and make sure this is never allowed to happen again.    

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Anonymous | 7/27/2011 | 7:12 AM

it's kinda funny that questions here are never answered!

Anonymous | 7/18/2011 | 10:30 AM

I do not beleive pastor Gerald to be capable of this and see this as an attack by satan to tear down the ministry.

Anonymous | 5/24/2011 | 9:58 AM

When is the trial??

Anonymous | 5/11/2011 | 10:32 AM

I believe this may be true. Maybe its the abuse from the women in the family and the need to keep authority over what they believe. They believe they are entitled to behave this way as the bible has told them This is an important case.

Terrie | 4/14/2011 | 6:42 PM

Our family knew Gerald for about 5 years. I never thought he was like that at all and none of our children believe he could do something like that because we felt totally safe around the Derstine family. I hope this is not true, but will be keeping up on the latest news. There are too many pastor's and church people hiding behind the fact that they are trusted "pastors" or so called "christians" and no one would suspect them. I do commend Anderson & Associates for their work in exposing any pastor that has truly violated a child or anyone for that matter. It's just too bad the church can not monitor their own.

Chris | 4/4/2011 | 2:27 PM

I was wondering what the status of the lawsuit is at this point. I didn't see any new developments on the internet. I have several families in my congregation who regularly attended Strawberry Lake in the summers (I am a pastor) and the status of the lawsuit would be good for all of us to know. Very sad situation indeed. thanks

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