It’s Time to Hold the New Jersey Catholic Dioceses Accountable for Child Sexual Abuse by Clergy

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest, teacher, coach, or other clergy you are not alone. You have rights. Our attorneys & advocates are here to help you.

If you were sexually abused as a child by a priest, brother, teacher, volunteer, employee, or other Catholic clergy in New Jersey, we want to help. Jeff Anderson & Associates’ team of lawyers, legal professionals and trauma-informed advocates has spent 38+ years helping survivors reclaim the power taken from them as children, expose perpetrators and cover-ups, and win justice, accountability, and compensation from Catholic dioceses and religious orders across the country.

In 2019, we partnered with New Jersey child sexual abuse attorney and survivor advocate Greg Gianforcaro who, like us, has been working in this space for more than three decades. Together, we have the trusted, proven knowledge, experience, passion, and tenacity to work with and fight for survivors of sexual abuse by clergy in New Jersey.

Our advocates in New Jersey are dedicated to helping survivors of child sexual abuse. It’s more than our jobs—it’s our mission. We will listen to your story and work tirelessly in response to the injustice you have suffered. We will support, protect and guide you along your journey toward justice and healing. Contact us today. Your information will always remain completely confidential.

If you were sexually abused by a priest, counselor, teacher, coach, or other trusted adult, you have rights. Contact us confidentially. 

The Anderson Report: Sexual Abuse in the Archdiocese and Dioceses of New Jersey

This report below contains the names of clergy who were assigned within, worked, or lived in the State of New Jersey and who have been accused of sexual misconduct. The information in this Anderson Report is derived from publicly available sources, claims made by survivors to the dioceses and religious orders responsible for the offenders, and legal settlements made as a result of claims for sexual abuse. The vast majority of the claims against these individuals have not been evaluated in a civil court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered only allegations and should not be considered proven or substantiated in a court of law. All individuals should be considered innocent until proven guilty. In many situations, the statute of limitations has expired preventing the cases from being heard in a court of law. Download the report.

For more information about individual New Jersey Catholic Dioceses, please visit our more detailed page here.

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

It’s time for justice. It’s time for you to share your story, safely and confidentially. It’s time to lay down your burden and reclaim some of your power. It’s time to expose those who hurt you and make sure what happened to you never happens to another kid. It’s time to take action under the New Jersey Victims Rights Bill.

Before making a decision concerning such serious and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim. We want to help you find accountability and healing. We will stand by you. We will fight for you.