Fighting for Clergy Sexual Abuse Survivors for Decades

We have nearly three decades of experience working with survivors of clergy sexual abuse. We have litigated cases nationwide against Catholic dioceses and religious orders, protestant religious organizations, and individual offenders. In each case, we strive to work directly with the survivor to empower him or her to regain their dignity and recover their power.

If you are a survivor of sexual abuse by a priest, nun, cleric, or employee of the Roman Catholic Church or any other religious institution, we want to help. Contact us confidentially today.


Clergy Abuse Reports

The names and information contained in the reports include the names of individuals who were assigned within or working in Catholic dioceses or as volunteers within the Boy Scouts of America throughout the United States who have been accused of sexual misconduct. While lawsuits were filed involving many of these alleged perpetrators, the vast majority of the claims against these individuals have been settled or have not been fully evaluated in a civil or criminal court. Accordingly, the allegations should be considered just allegations and should not be considered proved or substantiated in a court of law. View reports gallery.

Our Reputation Speaks for Itself

Jeff Anderson & Associates pioneered the use of civil litigation to seek justice for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. Through our work, Jeff Anderson & Associates seek to bring hope, healing, accountability and justice to survivors of child sexual abuse. In addition to seeking legal accountability, they have supported survivors of abuse by bringing public awareness to the cause. Jeff Anderson & Associates use novel legal theories, including public nuisance, to help prevent child sexual abuse and bring awareness to clerical sexual abuse.

In most cases, childhood sexual abuse goes unreported or victims/survivors break their silence many years after the abuse occurs. While there are many legal barriers to prosecuting those responsible for the abuse, our firm has worked to overcome these barriers for more than 30 years. As pioneers of child protection through civil litigation, we are aggressively committed to this cause and capable of handling the most complex legal issues in courts across the United States.

We are smart, tough, and relentless, but the virtue that ultimately sets us apart is our compassion. We are people who feel deeply and work tirelessly in response to an unjust world. We have a reputation for being the best at what we do and that begins and ends with our ability to support, protect, and guide survivors along their journey toward justice and healing. As sexual abuse lawyers, we have represented thousands of survivors of child sexual abuse against individual offenders and the institutions that harbor these offenders. We are engaged with a national network of attorneys who share our mission, and when we take a case, we exhaust every imaginable resource in order to serve our clients’ needs.