Sexual Abuse in La Luz Del Mundo Church

The Guadalajara-based fundamentalist Christian organization, Iglesia del Dios Vivo, Columna y Apoyo de la Verdad, La Luz del Mundo (Church of the Living God, Pillar and Ground of the Truth, The Light of the World) – aka “La Luz Del Mundo” (Light of the World Church, or LDM) – has been on law enforcement and the child protection movement’s radars for years. Apostle Naasón Joaquín García, who was arrested by the California Department of Justice in June of 2019 and charged with multiple sex crimes, currently leads the LDM.

The church promotes the restoration of primitive Christianity, with practices that include conservative dress (particularly for women), rejection of religious imagery, and the treatment of the Bible as the only true word of God. This enigmatic organization commands a community of between 1 and 5 million members worldwide, with churches in all 50 of the United States and at least 43 countries around the globe.

Child Sexual Assault Allegations

According to multiple survivors and reports, LDM leadership has built and maintained a system to procure and groom children for sexual abuse and assault by Apostle Naasón and, prior to his appointment, by his father and predecessor Apostle Samuel (now deceased). Leaders who were a part of el Consejo de Obispos (the Council of Bishops) would find young children and bring them to the Apostle to curry favor with him. It is also reported that members of el Consejo de Obispos and other LDM congregants bring their own children and grandchildren to the Apostles for sexual servitude. There have been several reports of human trafficking, childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault, physical violence, emotional violence, and coercion perpetuated by Apostle Naasón and LDM leaders. The LDM organization has created and reinforced a system of secrecy similar to that of the Roman Catholic Church and the Boy Scouts of America that allows sexual abuse and sexual assault to go on unchecked and unreported to law enforcement.

Furthermore, the widely known lavish lifestyles of LDM leaders is reported to be funded by the unpaid labor and financial exploitation of LDM members. One survivor reported working at least 30,000 hours with no compensation in addition to making significant financial contributions to the organization. It is not uncommon for families to sign over the title to their homes to LDM leadership.

If you are a victim of child sexual assault, coerced donations, or have been denied pay for your labor within La Luz Del Mundo in California, we want to help you. Contact us confidentially today.

Helping Survivors Take Legal Action

We encourage current or former members of Luz Del Mundo who have been victims of childhood sexual assault or denied pay for their labor to come forward confidentially to seek legal counsel immediately. We want to help. Jeff Anderson & Associates is recognized as the nation’s premier law firm to represent victims of childhood sexual abuse and sexual assault. We are smart, tough and relentless, but the virtue that ultimately sets us apart is our compassion. We are people who feel deeply and work tirelessly in response to an unjust world. We have a reputation for being the best at what we do, and that begins and ends with our ability to support, protect and guide survivors along their journey towards justice and healing. Contact us confidentially today.