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Fighting For Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse in Religious Organizations, Scouts, Schools and Other Institutions

At Jeff Anderson & Associates we represent survivors who have been sexually abused by individuals in a variety of settings. Our cases involve both individual offenders as well as the institutions responsible for inadequate policies, concealing abuse, or hiding abusers.

Clergy Sexual Abuse

We have nearly three decades of experience working with survivors of clergy sexual abuse. We have litigated cases nationwide against Catholic dioceses and religious orders, protestant religious organizations, and individual offenders. In each case we strive to work directly with the survivor to empower him or her to regain their dignity and recover their power.

Boy Scouts Sexual Abuse

In recent years we have helped expose the problem of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts of America. Abuse by Scoutmasters and Scout Leaders of young boys participating in community Boy Scout programs is a tragic example of sexual abuse committed by close and trusted mentors. Our work with survivors of sexual abuse in the Boy Scouts revealed thousands of pages of internal Boy Scout “perversion” files and led to exposure of dozens of Scout leaders who have been accused of abuse.

Shattuck-St. Mary’s Sexual Abuse

In 2012 Lynn Seibel was arrested for his abuse of boys at Shattuck-St. Mary’s school, where he worked as a teacher and dorm parent from 1992-2003. Since then Jeff Anderson & Associates has unearthed a culture of cover-up at Shattuck-St. Mary’s in all levels of administration revealing administrators knew about Seibel and other teachers’ abuse of boys, but chose not to act.

Sexual Abuse in Schools

Our experience litigating sexual abuse cases includes cases of abuse by teachers and coaches in schools across the country.

Abuse by Individual Offenders

We have handled a number of cases of childhood sexual abuse involving individual offenders. Whether abuse by a teacher, coach, family member, community leader, friend, or stranger, each case is unique and requires special attention and consideration.