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Clergy Sexual Abuse in New York

If you were sexually abused by a priest or other Catholic clergy in New York, we want to help. Our law firm of legal professionals and advocates has more than three decades of experience working with survivors of sexual abuse and litigating cases against Catholic dioceses and religious orders nationwide.

Our office in New York is dedicated to helping survivors of priest sexual abuse. We will listen to your story and work tirelessly in response to the injustice you have suffered. We will support, protect and guide you along your journey toward justice and healing. Contact us today. Your information will remain completely confidential.

The New York Child Victims Act

On February 14, 2019 the Child Victims Act was signed into law, effectively reforming the statute of limitations for child sexual abuse survivors in New York. See how the New York Child Victims Act may help you.

All claims under the New York Child Victims Act must be filed by August 13, 2021. Time is limited. Contact us confidentially today.

New York Priests Accused of Sexual Abuse

For years we have been compiling lists of priests accused of sexual abuse across every New York diocese within the Archdiocese of New York. We share these lists here to help keep New York children and communities safer and lift the veil of secrecy that protects predators within the priesthood. Detailed reports on individual dioceses, where available, have also been included on their respective pages on this website.

You Are Not Alone. We Are Here to Help.

It’s time for justice. It’s time to bring the truth out into the light. It’s time for accountability and healing. Before making a decision concerning such serious and sensitive matters, we encourage all survivors of child sexual abuse to consult with legal counsel before proceeding with a claim.