Adult survivors of sexual abuse in California have until December 31, 2023, to take legal action. 


Sexual Abuse in the Entertainment Industry

Attorneys Fighting for the Survivors of Entertainment Industry Sexual Abuse

For too long, the entertainment industry has intentionally covered-up the sexual abuse of children and adults. From models, actors, and musicians to executive assistants and designers, workers in the entertainment industry have been abused and silenced by powerful, high-ranking professionals.

In 2017, the viral #MeToo movement quickly gained traction, obtaining international attention. Many survivors used social media as a platform to demand accountability against their abusers. Multiple sexual abuse allegations against the infamous film producer Harvey Weinstein came to light. Actors such as Ashley Judd, Rose McGowan, Alyssa Milano, Gwyneth Paltrow, and Jennifer Lawrence took part in the movement. Years following this movement, survivors of harassment and sexual abuse in the music, fashion, film, and theater in are still coming forward and demanding systemic change.

Survivors no longer have to stay silent about the abuse they experienced in the entertainment industry. It’s time to pave pathways of power for survivors. It’s time to transform laws and social attitudes. It’s time to bring to light the culture of sexual harassment and sexual assault that still remains hidden in Hollywood. It’s time to cleanse the entertainment industry of sexual predators and those who cover up their crimes.

Theatre & Arts Abuse

Child performers are groomed and abused in the arts, media, and theatre.

Prolific predators exploit permissive cultures and hide in plain sight.

Executive & Corporate Abuse

Aspiring talent and management professionals are abused & coerced into silence.

Corporate predators and complicit HR teams damage lives and alienate women from positions of power.

Music Industry Abuse

Music fans are abused at concerts and tours and are groomed on an ongoing basis.

Children and vulnerable adults are targeted, drugged, and sexually assaulted, in private or group settings. They may be manipulated into longer-term abuse

Fashion Abuse

Young ambitious professionals are coerced into silence

Young models, interns and aspiring designers and stylists are sexually abused, and then forced to remain silent by powerful professionals with promises of a successful career.

Film Industry Abuse

Child actors and young adults are isolated, manipulated & abused

Young actors are gradually groomed into thinking sexual abuse is normal or “okay”. They often remain silent due to intimidation, threats of termination, and NDAs.

The entertainment industry uses the allure of star power, the intoxication of drugs, intimidation, corrupt law enforcement, and the circumstances of desperation for those seeking a professional livelihood, to stop victims from reporting abuse. Powerful executives and famous celebrities often manipulate victims into signing NDAs, saying it’s “just a formality”. Victims often are not given a chance to fully read the NDA or consult with an attorney. In reality, the NDAs mean survivors are forced into legal silence and not permitted to publicly discuss their abuse or name their abuser. This is just one of the many silencing tactics used in the entertainment industry.

Entertainment Industry Sexual Abuse – Alleged Crimes

  • Targeting & grooming of vulnerable minors and adults
  • Sexual assault
  • Production of child pornography
  • Physical violence
  • Financial exploitation

How the Entertainment Industry Silences Abuse Survivors & Empowers Predators

  • Non-disclosure agreements (NDAs)
  • Grooming
  • Coercion, threats, & extreme harassment
  • Offensive legal strategies

Jeff Anderson & Associates Has Four Decades of Experience in Partnering with Survivors to Heal and Hold Predators Accountable

In 2023, Jeff Anderson stood with survivors to share their personal experiences of abuse, trauma, and silencing by well-known and powerful people in the entertainment industry.

On February 3, 2023, we stood with survivors, advocates, and attorneys to speak about abuse and cover-up within the entertainment industry. Adult survivors of sexual abuse in California have until December 31, 2023, to take legal action.

If you are concerned about your privacy, or remaining anonymous, please visit our Questions & Answers section on our website.

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Our Mission

Jeff Anderson & Associates is teaming up with KBM Laws to combine our experience and shared commitment to giving survivors a voice. For more than twenty-five years, Karen Barth Menzies has dedicated her career advocating for victims, particularly women, and children. Karen is a compassionate advocate in pursuit of healing through justice, with a track record of holding big businesses accountable for public safety. Avid Bass player.

It’s time to amplify the voices of the unheard and cleanse the entertainment industry of sex abuse

  • Make the entertainment industry safe for everyone, particularly women, children, and vulnerable adults.
  • Hold the entertainment industry accountable to take meaningful steps to ensure a safe environment in all spaces in which it operates and profits.
  • End survivor silencing contracts (NDAs)
  • Expose legal practices that sell out survivors to protect predators and perpetuate an unsafe industry.
  • Ensure that victims have compassionate and ethical legal team that is not taking money from the same industry powerhouses that are trying to silence them.
  • We will shine a spotlight on corrupt law enforcement and other agencies that enable abuse or participate in cover-ups.

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