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Richard H. Jeub

On September 5, 2014, the priest file of Father Richard Jeub was released to the public as part of a civil lawsuit filed in Ramsey County in May, 2013. In late 1969, early 1970, Jeub and another child abuser, Father Jerome Kern, switched parishes. Kern left his assignment at St. Mark’s in St. Paul to become assistant pastor at Our Lady of Grace in Edina, Minnesota, while Jeub left his position at Our Lady of Grace to work at St. Mark’s. While under restriction, Jeub continued to exercise ministry as a lector and communion minister at a Duluth Diocese parish in Deerwood, Minnesota until at least 2009.

Father Richard Jeub was accused of abuse by several women throughout the course of his career as a priest. In 1992, a woman accused Father Jeub of abusing her in 1969 when she was 15 years old and he was working at Our Lady of Grace in Edina, Minnesota. A second woman accused Jeub of sexually abusing her from 1967-1990. The second woman declined a settlement offer and Father Jeub was found not to have engaged in abusive behavior in a civil trial.

Father Jeub was sent to St. Luke’s Institute in 1990 for evaluation and treatment. The Vicar General of the Archdiocese wrote in 1991 that Jeub had a history of exploitive sexual relations with adult women. A St. Luke’s psychiatrist contacted these women, including a nun Jeub was counseling, a blind woman he was caring for, and the wife of a patient in a hospital in which he was chaplain, among others. Father Richard Jeub was removed from full-time ministry, but was eventually allowed to return. Jeub resigned from parish ministry in 2002.

Other assignments for Father Jeub include: St. Joseph’s in Hopkins, Minnesota, from 1966-1967; Our Lady of Grace in Edina, Minnesota, from 1967- January 1970; St. Mark’s in St. Paul, Minnesota, from 1970-1976; Christ the King in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from 1976-1978; Fairview-Southdale Hospital from 1978-1981; St. Kevin’s in Minneapolis, Minnesota, from 1981-1990; and from 1990-2001 Jeub was on special assignment in the Chancery. News reports indicate Father Jeub worked at St. Rose of Lima in Roseville, Minnesota, from 1999-2002.

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