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Fr. Milton Eggerling

Ordination: 1954

1955-1958 St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Sioux Falls, SD

1959 Corpus Christi, St. Paul, MN; On Duty Outside the Diocese, College of St. Thomas, St. Paul, MN

1960 On Duty Outside the Diocese, Ryan High School, Minot, SD

1961 Newman Hall, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

1962 St. George’s, Hartford, SD

1963-1965 St. Magdalen’s, Lennox, SD

1966-1967 St. Agatha’s, Howard, SD; Deans and Council of Vigilance, Sioux Falls, SD

1968-1970 Roncalli Central Catholic High School, Aberdeen, SD

1971 On Duty Outside the Diocese; St. Felicitas, San Leandro, Oakland, CA

1972-1973 Corpus Christi, Piedmont, Oakland, CA

1973-1974 St. Louis, Austin, TX

1975-1978 On Duty Outside Diocese, Austin State Hospital, Austin, TX (Chaplain)

1979 School for the Deaf, Chaplains of Public Institutions, Austin, TX

1980-1983 Providence Hospital, Oakland, CA

1984 St. Augustine’s, Oakland, CA

1985-1987 Our Lady of Rosary, Palo Alto, CA (SJ)

1985-1991 Special Assignment (OAK)

1990-2008 St. James the Apostle, Inc., Boston, MA; St. James the Apostle, Inc.

1992-1993 St. Patrick’s, Rodeo, CA (OAK)

1993-2008 Retired (OAK)

1994-2008 St. Stephen, Boston, MA

2008 Died (2/29/2008)