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Fr. Gerald (“Jerry”) Wertz


Ordination: 1988

Notes: In 2011, Salesian priest Fr. Gerald Wertz was accused of sexually abusing a student at St. John Bosco High School in 1993 to 1994. As of 2018, Fr. Wertz is believed to be living at the Salesian Provincial Residence in San Francisco, California. His status as a priest and access to children are unknown.

1989-1993 St. John Bosco High School, Bellflower, CA (LA)

1994 Salesian Community, Berkeley, CA (OAK)

1995-1996 Salesian Provincial Residence, San Francisco, CA (SFR)

1997 Unknown

1998-2001 Salesian High School, Richmond CA (OAK)

2002-2005 Salesian Community, Berkeley, CA (OAK)

2006 Unknown

2007-2016 Salesian Provincial Residence, San Francisco, CA (SFR)

2017-2018 Unknown