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Fr. Michael McDonald


Ordained, 1958

Notes: After being ordained, Fr. Michael McDonald spent the next 13 years working as a priest in California. Several decades after his death, a lawsuit was filed against the Diocese of Monterey alleging Fr. McDonald had sexually abused a boy more than 100 times between 1964 and 1967, beginning when the survivor was a minor.


1958-1963 St. Anthony’s, Atwater, CA (MF) 

1959-1963 Immaculate Conception, Buhach, CA (MF) 

1964 St. Peter’s, Lemoore, CA (MF) 

1965 St. Patrick’s, Watsonville, CA (MF) 

1966-1968 St. Mary of the Nativity, Salinas, CA (MF/MRY)

1969 St. Joseph’s, Capitola, CA (MRY)

1970-1971 St. Augustine’s, Scotts Valley, CA (MRY)

1971 Died