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Fr. Edmond G. Cloutier

Ordination: 1946

Notes: Fr. Edmond G. Cloutier allegedly sexually abused at least four children at Star of the Sea in San Francisco. He was named in a civil lawsuit related to the alleged abuse. Fr. Cloutier’s whereabouts and whether he had access to children between 1981 and his death in 2003 are unknown.


1946-1953 St. Andre’s, Biddeford, ME

1953-1960 Star of the Sea, San Francisco, CA

1960-1963 Corpus Christi, Piedmont, CA (OAK)

1963-1965 St. Joseph’s, Alameda, CA

1965-1981 St. Augustine’s, Pleasanton, CA

1981-1985 Retired 1985-1986 Unknown

1986-1987 Retired (P.O. Box 1095, Salida, CA)

1987-1995 Retired

1995-1997 Bishop Begin Villa, Oakland, CA

1997-2000 Unknown

2000-2002 Retired

2002-2003 Unknown

4/9/2003 Died