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Fr. Basil Peter Congro

Ordained, 1978

Notes: Fr. Basil Peter Congro worked at various parishes in South Carolina, California, and New York. In 2003, a civil lawsuit was filed against Fr. Congro alleging that he sexually abused a young boy while he worked at St. Mary’s in East Islip, New York in the early 1980s. Fr. Congro’s current whereabouts, status as a priest, and whether he has access to children are unknown.


Unknown St. Frederick's, Edisto Island, SC (CHR) 1997-1999 St. Anthony’s All Souls’ Memorial, Florence, SC (CHR)

Unknown St. Stephen's, Edisto Island, SC (CHR) 1999-2001 Our Lady of Mercy, Charleston, SC (CHR)

1978-1979 St. John Cathedral, Fresno, CA (FRS) 1999-2002 St. Patrick, Charleston, SC (CHR)

1979-1981 Christ the King, Commack, NY (RVC) 2002-2008 Jesus Our Risen Savior, Spartanburg, SC (CHR)

1981-1983 St. Mary’s, East Islip, NY (RVC) 2009-2012 Absent on Leave

1984-1994 Military Chaplain 2013-2019 Unknown

1994-1997 St. Mary’s, Yonges Island, SC (CHR)