Damien Memorial School

Damien Memorial School (formerly an all-boys educational institution) is now a co-ed, 6-12th grade school missioned by the Roman Catholic Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. Damien has been a notorious dropping-ground for child predators as evidenced by the numerous sexual abuse survivors who have already come forward.

Included in this list of child predators who have spent time at Damien Memorial School are Brother Robert Brouillette , Brother Lawrence R. Christiansen, Father George DeCostaBishop Joseph FerrarioBrother Thomas C. FordFather Gerald FuncheonBrother John P. MedvitBrother Karl Walczak, and Brother Douglas Zlatis.

Unfortunately, the parents and students who were exposed to these criminals had no idea that their children were put at risk for sexual abuse. Thanks to a new Hawaii law, the legislature has opened a retroactive window of opportunity for sexual abuse survivors to come forward and hold their abuser, and any institution that may have covered up the sexual abuse or protected the perpetrator, accountable in civil court.

Teachers, students, staff and members of the Damien Memorial School community deserve justice and healing and we want to help. If you know someone who may have been sexually abused at Damien, please contact us confidentially today to see if the new law can help. We have an experienced team of sexual abuse lawyers and staff ready to help you achieve the help, hope and healing you deserve.

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