Andre Bennett

Brother Andre Bennett, OSB, was born John Bennett on February 26, 1930 in St. Cloud, Minnesota. He applied for entrance to St. John’s Abbey in 1952. He was accepted into the Brothers’ novitiate and began using the religious name of Andre. After his first profession of simple vows on April 25, 1954, Brother Andre worked as an assistant librarian for St. John’s University from December, 1952 until October, 1955.

In October, 1955, Brother Bennett began schooling at Sacred Heart School of Nursing in Yankton, SD. Brother Bennett professed final monastic vows on April 25, 1957. On August 15, 1957, he completed an extended course of psychiatric nursing at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Omaha, NE and finally finished his nurse’s schooling at Yankton and obtained his license as a registered nurse in October, 1958. Beginning in 1958, Brother Bennett ran the infirmary at St. John’s Abbey.

Brother Bennett is on an official list of clergy members credibly accused of child sexual abuse released by St. John’s Abbey on December 13, 2013. He has been accused of sexually abusing at least six students at St. John’s Abbey in Collegeville, MN. Abbey officials confirmed Brother Bennett had problems with alcohol and was later treated for abuse of prescription drugs.

As a member of the Order of St. Benedict, Brother Bennett resided at St. John’s Abbey until his death on January 15, 2007.

Possible Names for Brother Andre Bennett include:

· Andreas Bennett

· Andre Bennett

· Joannes Bennett

· John Bennett