Br. Fr. Leonard (Len) Scezney: Substantiated Claims of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Br. Fr. Leonard (Len) Scezney

Ordained, 1985

Notes: Fr. Leonard Scezney was ordained a priest for the Archdiocese of Denver. Sometime in 1985, Fr. Scezney was alleged to have sexually abused a minor girl while he worked at Spirit of Christ Catholic Community in Arvada, Colorado. In 1992, the Archdiocese of Denver removed Fr. Scezney’s priestly faculties. Fr. Scezney was included in the Colorado Attorney General’s Special Master’s Report on “Roman Catholic Clergy Sexual Abuse of Children in Colorado from 1950 to 2019.” According

to the Special Master’s Report, the alleged child sexual abuse was reported to the Archdiocese of Denver in 2007. The Archdiocese of Denver took no further action and did not report the child sexual abuse to law enforcement as required under Colorado law. In 2017, the survivor’s mother reported the abuse again to the Archdiocese of Denver. In 2018, the Archdiocese of Denver reported the alleged child sexual abuse to law enforcement. Fr. Scezney’s current whereabouts and whether he has access to children are unknown.

Assignments within the Archdiocese/Diocese(s) in Colorado: Denver


1986 Spirit of Christ Catholic Community, Arvada, CO (DEN)

1987-1988 Blessed Sacrament, Denver, CO (DEN)

1989-1990 Notre Dame, Denver, CO (DEN)

1991-1992 Unknown

1993-2002 Absent on Leave (DEN)

2003-2019 Unknown