Br. Frank Luke Dalton, C.F.C.: Accused of Sexual Misconduct With Minors

Br. Frank Luke Dalton, C.F.C.


  • 1955: Entered the Congregation of Christian Brothers Order
  • 1956-1963: Unknown
  • 1964-1969: Palma High School, Salinas, CA
  • 1970-1987: Unknown
  • 1988-1999: Palma High School, Salinas, CA
  • 2000: Unknown
  • 2001: Died

Br. Frank L. Dalton, C.F.C., a member of the Congregation of Christian Brothers Order, allegedly sexually abused a male student while he worked as a principal at Brother Rice High School in Birmingham, Michigan. The survivor said Br. Dalton was transferred to California after he admitted he had a “wet dream” about the boy. Br. Dalton worked at two schools in California: St. Vincent-St. Patrick in Viejo and Palma High School in Salinas. Br. Dalton also worked in Vancouver and Burnaby in British Columbia; Butte, Montana; Joliet, Illinois; Burbank, Illinois; Bloomfield Hills, Michigan; and Cantwell High School, Montebello, California. During his final stay in Salinas, California, he= reportedly tutored, counseled, and held summer camps for the migrant labor camp children in the Gonzales area. He was also a commissioner on the Monterey County Juvenile Justice Commission.