Br. Thomas J. Gardipee, O.F.M.Cap.


  • 1980-1992: St. Lawrence Preparatory Seminary High School, Mt. Calgary, WI
  • 1992-2001: St. Anthony Retreat, Marathon, WI
  • 2002-2009: Kamehemeha Schools, Kapalama Campus, Honolulu, HI

Notes: Br. Thomas J. Gardipee was the subject of multiple accusations of sexual abuse of adolescent boys. The abuse is alleged to have occurred in the 1980s and early 1990s at St. Lawrence Preparatory High School Seminary in Milwaukee. Officials at the school were told by a staff member, and by students, about abuse by Br. Gardipee in 1985. School officials did nothing in response to the allegations and Br. Gardipee received a promotion. After an allegation of abuse in 1987, Br. Gardipee was placed on leave for three months in 1988, then reinstated. In 1992, after a news story was published about sexual abuse of students by friars at St. Lawrence Prep., Br. Gardipee was placed on leave, then criminally charged. Charges were dropped due to the statute of limitations. Br. Gardipee was barred from ministry with minors and spent nine years at a Capuchin retreat in Wisconsin making and selling pottery. He left the order in 2001 and moved to Hawaii, where he found a job teaching at Kamehemeha Schools. In 2009, the school was alerted to Br. Gardipee’s history in Wisconsin and he was placed on leave. He resigned in November 2009. Br. Gardipee is believed to be living in Honolulu. It is unknown whether he has access to children.