Fr. Daniel J. Maher: Accused of Sexual Misconduct

Fr. Daniel J. Maher

Ordained: 1962
  • 1963-1965 St. Teresa of Avila, Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 1966 St. Mary, Clinton Heights, NY (ALB)
  • 1967-1973 St. Francis de Sales, West Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 1974-1994 Sacred Heart of Mary, Watervliet, NY (ALB)
  • 1995-2008 Church of the Holy Cross, Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 2009 Retired; Latham, NY (ALB)
  • 2010-2019 Unknown


In a 2005 lawsuit, Fr. Daniel J. Maher was accused of sexually abusing a 12-year-old altar boy twice while on a church retreat in 1973. A second survivor with similar accusations came forward in 2005, but the Diocese of Albany continued to consider Fr. Maher a priest in good standing. Since 2009, Fr. Maher’s status as a priest, current whereabouts, and whether he has access to children are unknown.