Fr. Dominic Aloysius Diederich: Accused of Sexual Abuse of a Minor

Fr. Dominic Aloysius Diederich

Ordained: 1917

  • 1918-1925: St. Nicholas, Evanston, IL (CHI)
  • 1926-1929: Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL (CHI)
  • 1930-1936: St. Mary’s, Chicago, IL (CHI)
  • 1937-1942: St. George’s, Chicago, IL (CHI)
  • 1943-1977: St. Maurice, Chicago, IL (CHI)
  • 1977: Died

Fr. Dominic Aloysius Diederich served in various locations within the Archdiocese of Chicago for more than five decades. In 2006, the Archdiocese of Chicago stated that it had reasonable cause to suspect Fr. Dominic Aloysius Diederich engaged in sexual misconduct with a minor. Fr. Diederich is included in the Archdiocese of Chicago’s list of “Clergy with Substantiated Allegations of Sexual Misconduct with Minors.”