Fr. Dozia J. Wilson: Clergy Credibly Accused of Sexual Misconduct With a Minor

Fr. Dozia J. Wilson

Ordained: 1972
  • 1972: Urban Ministry, Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 1972-1976: Sacred Heart, Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 1975-1976: La Salle School for Boys, Albany, NY (ALB)
  • 1976-1979: St. Joseph, Roxbury, MA (BO)
  • 1979-1980: Special Assignment, NY
  • 1980-1981: St. Ann, Fort Ann, NY (ALB)
  • 1981-1983: St. Mary, Hudson, NY (ALB)
  • 1981-1989: Columbia County Jail, NY (ALB)
  • 1984-1989: Columbia Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Hudson, NY (ALB)
  • 1990: Columbia Green Community College, Hudson, NY (ALB); Special Assignment, St. Christopher’s Residential Treatment Center, Dobbs Ferry, NY (NY); St. Mary, Hudson, NY (ALB)
  • 1990-1992: Absent on Leave
  • 1993-2003: Absent on Leave; St. Christopher’s Residential Treatment Center, Dobbs Ferry, NY (NY)
  • 2003-2019: Unknown

The first known allegation against Fr. Dozia J. Wilson came in 1976 when parents went to the District Attorney with complaints that Fr. Wilson had sexually abused two boys at an Albany motel. The District Attorney made a deal that if Fr. Wilson agreed to permanently leave town, he would not be prosecuted. Fr. Wilson was then transferred to the Archdiocese of Boston. After a few years at St. Joseph’s in Roxbury, Massachusetts, Fr. Wilson was returned to Albany due to complaints of sexual abuse. A lawsuit, filed and settled in 2003, later accused Fr. Wilson of bringing two brothers from Albany with him to Massachusetts. According to the lawsuit, Fr. Wilson began supplying one of the brothers with marijuana and alcohol in 1973. It was not until 1976, when Fr. Wilson brought the boy and his brother to Massachusetts, that the sexual abuse is alleged to have started. The lawsuit states the abuse continued until the boy
graduated from high school two years later and moved out of the priest’s rectory. Another lawsuit was filed in 2004, which alleged Fr. Wilson sexually abused a teenage boy from 1980 to 1985, starting when the boy was a 14-year-old parishioner at St. Ann’s in Fort Ann, NY. Fr. Wilson is listed on the Diocese of Albany’s list of “Clergy Credibly Accused While Serving in the Diocese of Albany.” Fr. Wilson’s current status as a priest, whereabouts, and whether he has access to children are unknown.