Edward Ardolf

On April 15, 2016, Fr. Edward Ardolf was named in a lawsuit filed by sexual abuse survivor Doe 294. Fr. Ardolf sexually abused Doe 294 at St. Raphael’s in Springfield, MN. Doe 294’s lawsuit was brought under the Minnesota Child Victims Act, a law passed in 2013 allowing survivors of child sexual abuse to file cases against their perpetrators and any institution that may have covered up the abuse.

Fr. Edward Ardolf attended St. Paul seminary and was ordained in 1964 in the Diocese of New Ulm. During his clerical career, Ardolf worked in several parishes and schools.

According to the Diocese of New Ulm, Fr. Edward Ardolf worked at the following locations:

1964-1970: Associate, Holy Trinity, Winsted

1970-1972: Associate, Cathedral of the Holy Trinity in New Ulm and teaching at Cathedral High School

1972-1974: Associate, Holy Rosary, North Mankato and teaching at Holy Rosary School and Loyola High School

1974-1975: Administrator, Holy Rosary, North Mankato

1975-1982: Pastor, St. Raphael, Springfield

1982-1986: Pastor, St. Peter, Canby

1985-1986: Pastor, St. Leo, St. Leo

1986-1998: Pastor, Holy Rosary, North Mankato

1993: Administrator, St. Paul, Nicollet

1998-2002: Pastor, St. Mary, Sleepy Eye

2002-2012: Pastor, St. Paul, Nicollet

2002-2011: Assisting at St. Mary, New Ulm

Fr. Edward Ardolf retired from assigned ministry in 2012 and died in 2016.

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