Fr. David Braun: Allegations of Sexual Abuse of a Minor Have Been Admitted, Established or Determined to Be Credible

Fr. David Braun

5/5/54 – Ordained

7/13/54 – Assistant Pastor, Sacred Heart, Chicago, IL

7/5/61 – Assistant Pastor, St. Sebastian, Chicago, IL

7/7/62 – Assistant Pastor, St. Linus, Oak Lawn, IL

11/2/63            Braun stopped by the police for soliciting a 14-year-old boy. He admits the accusation and offers no explanation. The policeman was Catholic and the charges could be dropped if the church handled the matter.

A few days later the police came for Braun at his rectory. When confronted by the Archbishop, Braun admitted to homosexual activity with young boys. He usually picks up boys of high school age. He admits to being the aggressor and sodomizing the boys in his car or in a forest preserve. (AOC008180)

11/6/63 – On leave

Presumably seeking treatment of some kind. (See AOC008181-85)

3/2/64 – Assistant Pastor, St. Teresa of Avila, Chicago, IL

1/30/68 – Assistant Pastor, Our Lady of Grace, Chicago, IL

9/30/71 –Student, Lutheran General Hospital; Resident, St. Lambert, Skokie, IL

6/12/74 – Assistant Pastor, St. Francis Xavier, Wilmette, IL

3/16/84 – Associate Pastor, St. Joseph, Round Lake, IL

7/1/85 – Associate Pastor, St. Thomas of Villanova, Palatine, IL

7/30/90 – Associate Pastor, Mater Christi, North Riverside, IL

4/6/92 – Retired

11/31/92          Memo from Fr. Andrew McDonagh says that the Bishops of the places where Braun now lives knows that he cannot function as a public minister. Also says Braun is very sorry for anyone he has offended. (AOC008358)

4/26/93            Report of abuse by Braun. (AOC008360)

3/20/94            Report of abuse by Braun. (AOC008365)

12/9/94            Memo on Braun- a woman is threatening to bring a formal allegation of sexual abuse against Braun. The memo describes Braun as one of the “old” matters of sexual misconduct with minors which the Vicar for Priests has handled until now. Ralph recalled there being a couple of allegations against Braun from the past. (AOC008370)

1/21/95            The Review Board deferred making a determination on the allegation against Braun because he is one of the “old” matters. The Board directed the Professional Fitness Review Administrator to conduct further inquiry. (AOC008398)

2/18/95            The Review Board determined that it is reasonable that Braun remain withdrawn from ministry and retired. The allegations are very credible. Up until now, Braun has been mostly monitored himself. The Board also recommends additional restrictions. (AOC008411-12)

4/24/95            Cardinal Bernardin accepted the Review Board’s determination on Braun. (AOC008421)

12/5/97 – Died

10 parishes

10 schools